Monday, May 28, 2007


That's my new weight, isn't it exciting? That's 9 pounds lost now. I've also noticed that my ring, even when my finger is kind of sticky with the humidity, tends to slide around a little.

I thought, perhaps, that I hadn't lost at all because though it's still kind of easy to put on pants, it's not like I'm slipping right into them when they're fresh from the laundry. But I guess that could also be because I'm a little bloated.

But I was completely and utterly faithful to Weight Watchers. And that, I believe, is what did it.

I'm halfway through the Buff Brides routine. Week 6 is this week. I can't see any difference in my arms but I suppose if I want that, I should really wake up at 6am and go swimming again.

Which is not such a bad idea.


Faren said...

Hello, I came from Ms.K's blog and wanted to say congrats on losing weight, I've been trying too. Not much luck.
I also have to say, I love Hero and the Crown! (on your profile)I first read it as a teenager and it was so nice to have a female main character in a fantasy novel.
And you live in Kansas! I'm in McPherson. Sugar Bunny Boulevard has a Kansas Knit bloggers webring here:
Pretty small still.
I hope you keep losing weight!

Ms. Knitingale said...

Yay, Kit!!! Congratulations! You're doing great. I lost 50 pounds several years ago and I know how hard it is. Anyway, you deserve all the good stuff you're doing for yourself. I think you rock.