Sunday, March 01, 2009

Before I go too much farther, I would like everyone to see the very first post from my journey. Starting Over. Go on, I'll wait.

Back? Pretty grim, I should say. All that fat on my waist. I was incredibly pear shaped. My back hurt when I slept. My size 16 jeans were tight. I shied away from the mirror. And I looked so old.

I recently set up my camera to take photographs and after quite a few, I finally got a picture that was satisfactory. I didn't smile for the camera because I really don't know how to yet. That will come with practice.

I'm wearing size 12 and they're barely staying on. My face has slimmed down, I can run without staying winded for long, my back is only sore because I upped my work-out weights and it went away quickly. I'm sleeping better, I'm doing better and I hope to keep progressing. :)