Thursday, April 22, 2010

I lost 2 pounds at the last weigh-in, hooray! And when I put the new weight into my WW, I lost a point as well! So now I'm 21 points instead of 22 and I celebrated with a bit of, uh, binging. I'm not sure what went wrong in my head. I just clicked and decided to eat.

I'll be much better today. I promise.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weight Watcher  Cat says "no points left, chubby"
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Ugh. Just ugh.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty dang blue in the evening so I went to town. Disregarded all points and ate like my heart was broken, which it WASN'T. And I'm not an emotional eater because that crap doesn't work on me. But heck, there was food there and why not? By the way, lower-fat chips still don't do a thing if you eat a lot of them. Just food for thought.

Today I'm being very good. At least, as good as I can be without recording my points, oh for shame on me.

I'm going to do better, really! :(

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have to admit that today was kind of a toss-away day. Once mom and I got home, we went to town with Sandies, spaghetti, and PB M&Ms. But at least we both had good news. Despite gaining 5 pounds of cast, mom only gained 2 pounds according to the WW scale so she lost 3. And obvious, I lost 2 pounds myself. I am quite proud of myself.

This week I plan on continuing to journal. :) Online or on the paper, it's good to have it around. I am going to try something new, as well. I am going to plan what I will eat and do my very best to stick to it.

I hope this works out, it would be nice if it did. :)

I should also stop watching Food Network at night. *coff*

Monday, April 12, 2010

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So here it is, the day before weigh-in. Have I learned control in 7 days? No. I had two brownies (5 points a piece) just today to go with my 6" Black Forest Ham Sub sammich from Subway.

I guess there isn't much one can expect after a mere 7 days. However, here is a small list of things I do know about me:

- I know that I get 'hungry' when I am tired or bored. Particularly at work, I tend to just eat and eat when it's late.

- Sometimes I just want a *taste* of something. The best way to deal with this is tea. I love Rooibos but Zhena's Gypsy Teas has a little something more: Luminous Lemon which has a bit of a chamomile aftertaste and really a beautiful, well-rounded tea. And perfect for the warmer weather! I also recommend the Red Lavendar, the Pumpkin Spice, and the Caramel Apple, the latter two being more appropriate for when the cold chill of fall comes to change the leaves their different colors.

- I do dislike running. I love to walk much better even if it takes longer. I guess I'll just never be a marathoner but I'm okay with that. Really. I'll just exercise with videos. Much better, less dust in the eyes and up the nose and in the mouth. Less worry about it being too hot or cold. And no public humiliation.

We'll see what the damage is tomorrow!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Though my Kidneyversary was Wednesday, I celebrated yesterday. I had some good friends over for New Moon with Rifftrax and to celebrate, they brought cupcakes. I had one Team Edward cupcake (yellow confetti cake with white icing that had been generously coated in sprinkles and white sugar for that "sparkle" effect) and two Team Jacob cupcakes (brown, without icing or "topless" and with some filling in the middle for that "surprise inside"). I shouldn't have, I really shouldn't but, well, when a friend brings goodies, I can't say no.

So once again I went over points. Good thing I walk every day! XD

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Today I overate by 7 points. I got hungry, broke into the Bliss chocolates and just didn't stop.

*sigh* I have a problem with control, clearly. So how do I fix it?

Mom and I joined Weight Watchers again. It's costly at $40 a month but it was so effective the last time I did it, more effective than anything I've used before that I figure I might as well get back on the wagon.

My ideal is to lose 2 pounds a week consistently. I doubt that will happen but I can always give it my best shot. :)

So, I started out at the 6pm meeting at 162.8 pounds. This is about 2 pounds heavier than I was this morning but since it was 6pm and I was wearing my street clothes and I...*ahem* bulked up a little (I was starving!), I am perfectly fine with this.

The meeting was certainly different from the one in Lawrence. There were a few things that bugged me a little:

1 - It does not take 4 laps around a track to burn off ONE Peanut M&M. 5 PB M&Ms (my favorite!) is one point. 15 minutes of walking is one point. To burn off one Peanut M&M you probably need to walk up the stairs of your home or apartment. But I know the point she was trying to make. Junk food does take up a lot of calories or points and when you know how much effort you expend in exercise, you are motivated to be more conservative with what you eat.

2 - Yes. You CAN lose weight without having to exercise. It's not a sin to avoid exercise and lose weight without bothering to take a single step outside. But realize that muscle burns calories even while at rest and a lot more while moving than fat which burns nothing at all. But I've seen plenty of thin girls. No fat and very little muscle, but thin as a rail. It's not impossible. HOWEVER! It will be harder to keep that weight off because you have nothing but your diet to fall back on if you gain.

That was a few of the things that came up. But while at the meeting, I also realized that I have slipped a lot and it's so vital that I actually journal my food. I have to be on top of my food. I can eat whatever but I have GOT to keep track. And being accountable will help me keep in control.