Monday, August 20, 2007

Jen brought up an awesome link to an article (I should install Haloscan on this blog too since I can't email anyone back when they comment) about how there can be just as many calories, if not more, in fast food salads.

The thing is, where are those calories coming from? Let's take my favorite, the Mandarin Chicken Salad from Wendy's. Mmm, juicy mandarins, tender chicken, and a decent amount of dark greens (I could use some tomatoes, too, but whatever). So, increased sugar, sure, in the mandarins. But c'mon, that's barely half a point there. Chicken? I get the grilled or non-crispy version. Lots of healthy protein and it *seems* lean enough, haven't been inundated with grease or fat in a single one. But the calories? They're in the side packets. Every salad comes with a packet of "Crispy Noodles" and "Almonds" (generally very salty ones too) and a tremendous dose of their Asian Dressing. Ugh! That's how they get to be just as bad as a 1/4 pounder with fries and a coke. I leave off the noodles and the almonds and use only half the salad dressing and it's only, I think, 5-6 points that way.

However, considering the options along the way, perhaps I'm better off just making a loaf of bread before we leave and bringing it, along with some lovely deli meat and a little mustard and lots of fruit. That's better eats there.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, they did say that you have to eat your exercise points, too, which I did. But I think I went a little nuts with the food last Saturday and Sunday and that didn't help things much. ;) Still, a pound is a victory!

Week after next, things may be a little harder since I'll be in Utah. I'll try to exercise but the whole schedule is hectic since I'll be juggling family, friends, and clinicals preparation. And family and friends always tends to equal food and those long car trips always play havoc with my consumption. Maybe I'll have to plan on healthy alternatives. Like Wendy's salads, McDonald's fruit & walnut salad (mmm) and so on.

Anyone have some good ideas for traveling, things that might help? It'll be an 18 hour car trip, I'll take what help I can get! :D

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Dear Weight Watchers,

I've kept up with my points and I've exercised for 22 points. I've given myself a nasty blister on the large toe of BOTH FEET. I've walked through about ten episodes of Samurai Champloo and my brand new size 14 pants are baggy in the seat and yet I somehow managed to gain. And I would like to ask you to please consult your scales. Also, how can I go to the meetings for 3 weeks and gain 0.2 pounds while the other lady lost 5.6 pounds? That had better been WATER weight.

Bah. I'm still chuffed that I walked 45 minutes every day. I'm rather surprised that I kept so faithful with my point-recording (even more surprised when I remembered that while making chocochip cookies the other day, I didn't eat the dough, which I usually can't keep my hands away from) and that I lifted weights when they came up on Buff Brides (M,W,F).

I'm celebrating with waffles mom made for my brother and my favorite tea ever.

I'll do my best again this week and I will kick your scales if they lie to me again about how hard I worked, WW. Just see if I don't!

-Kit (who is NOT LAZY so lay off!)