Sunday, March 01, 2009

Before I go too much farther, I would like everyone to see the very first post from my journey. Starting Over. Go on, I'll wait.

Back? Pretty grim, I should say. All that fat on my waist. I was incredibly pear shaped. My back hurt when I slept. My size 16 jeans were tight. I shied away from the mirror. And I looked so old.

I recently set up my camera to take photographs and after quite a few, I finally got a picture that was satisfactory. I didn't smile for the camera because I really don't know how to yet. That will come with practice.

I'm wearing size 12 and they're barely staying on. My face has slimmed down, I can run without staying winded for long, my back is only sore because I upped my work-out weights and it went away quickly. I'm sleeping better, I'm doing better and I hope to keep progressing. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I had all sorts of goodies. Sis gave mom and me a little bag of cheesecake Hershey Kisses to share. Thanks, love.

I had half of the last Utah orange truffle.

I had quite a few M&Ms.

Mom and I split a 4-pack of chocolate covered strawberries.

And I ate a whole caramel almond chocolate covered apple. *sigh*

And tomorrow will be better. I will behave myself like a proper person who does not gorge on chocolate covered fruit. But today was fun and I made memories and the food was very good. Can't blame me for that.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


What are you loving about the process right now?

Roni asked this the other day and I have to admit that I do struggle to find what I love about running. It's hard. I sweat like my mother, I get so damp, I have to breathe hard and sometimes I even get a painful stitch in the side (though I use Coach Jenny's suggestions and I exhale when my foot hits the treadmill opposite to the stitch and it goes away within about thirty seconds). It's hard, it's exhausting...and a TOTAL HIGH.

I am getting reacquainted with how absolutely delicious I feel after I run. I want to push myself to run fast but I realize that how fast I go doesn't matter. What matters is that I move! And with the help of Podrunner Intervals, I am moving better, farther, and even faster.

And I am losing weight! I feel good, I am getting a 'star' every day, I have only skipped one or two days because though I exercise every day, I don't get all the exercise I need.

I do struggle with journaling, though, to be honest. I don't think I have actually written down a full day of food for a week. I also had to skip my WW meeting this Tuesday due to a prior engagement and honestly, Tuesday evenings are JUST not my best times.

BUT! I am going to go to the other meeting center I went to before (and received a bad impression) on Saturday morning. I do hope that I have done well enough for all the exercise I put in and made up for going to Wingers last night (icky food, not going again).

You know, though, I'm loving the process. I am taking it a step at a time and I'm rejoicing in my transformation. :)