Friday, May 09, 2008

Hawk's Wings

I just ran 20 minutes in a row. No foolin'. And as I started, a hawk flew overhead. Well, I think it was a hawk. I'll call it a hawk. Anyways, I took it as a good omen (I may be Scottish/Dutch/Mutt but I can adopt a few Native American beliefs if they suit me) and began running. It...was hard. I started feeling like I wasn't going to make it by the time I think I hit about 15 minutes. At least it took that long to get exhausted. But I gave a little prayer for endurance, for another wind, for the ability to reach beyond myself and as I turned the curve on Tallgrass Dr., I saw the end of the street and thought "That's gotta be 20 minutes. I can run until there. And if it's beyond that, it's downhill, that will help." Fortunately, my run (determined by the Podrunner Intervals) finished before I got to the end of the street.

I have not run like that since Junior High School. And possibly not even then because I was an ornery little thing and you couldn't make me run for long if I didn't wanna. I think I just ran a mile and a half without stopping and I KNOW I've never run that far. I am so very excited!

I'm also so very exhausted. I had to take a nap, but it was only for 15 minutes and that was just right.

Tomorrow's the weigh-in. I still don't think I lost anything but I AM getting some tremendous thighs. I can tell. My thighs never felt so filled out before!

Anyways, I thought I'd leave you with a screengrab of my running route ala Google Pedometer. It's soon going to have to change, seeing as how I'm outrunning the length!