Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I've been indulging my Spoiled Brat side which means that I can't lose weight. So I am buckling down again and writing all of my intake.

You know what else helps? Tomatoes. I LOOOVE tomatoes, but not store-bought. You HAVE to have the homegrown tomatoes or you might as well just eat a water balloon. Blech. But they're so good with a little salt or sliced on bread. It's amazing.

It's finally harvest time and I am so excited.

And I got back on the Running horse. No, not a real horse, I just popped in my PodRunner podcast again and I started back up. These days I've tried a new technique of running more on the balls of my feet than striking with the heels. It means that when I run, I'm not slamming into the ground. It's a lot smoother but it's also a lot harder on the calves. I'm going to be aching today!

I want to see the 140s soon. I'm hoping that by Thanksgiving, I'm there. That's only just shy of 3 months, I can make it, right? I only have Halloween to worry about there and, of course, my inner Spoiled Brat who needs a good paddling and a time out.

Still, I'm doing well health wise, which is awesome. :D