Thursday, June 28, 2007


This restricted-snacking thing is going VERY well. I haven't yet put up a list of things that I should avoid but most of them start with the letter C. Can you guess?

Chocolate and

And yes, I've been mostly managing to stay away from it. Er, mostly. Sometimes I sneak a chip or suck on an M&M but I'm not all out hauling the M&M jar* to my desk and snarfing 'em down. However, if I do get a craving for something sweet, I help myself to a Weight Watchers Giant Cookies'n'Cream Ice Cream Bar (it's the 6th one down, I haven't tried the chocolate cookies'n'cream bar, chocolate ice cream always tastes really off to me). Man, it's REALLY good and it's high in fiber and about 140 calories or so. I walk that off in half an hour on the ol' treadmill. Yummy.

I've also returned to the basement to watch Trigun and walk for half an hour. I'm not sure what it is, there's just something about walking on a treadmill that really provides a workout. It's just nothing like walking outside at all.

And finally, I really recommend checking out the Hungry Girl website, which provides really good trade-out recipes, the latest in good-for-you snacks and tends to be a good resource. And it's kind of cute.

Now I got to walk the dog.

Also, did I mention my arms are getting quite toned? I'm very chuffed about seeing muscles in the mirror.

*It's a little clay jar marked 'Happiness' on the outside which works for M&Ms but if they add to my weight gain, I can't say that they really provide much in the way of Happiness at all.


Faren said...

I still haven't gotten the snacks under control, but I did lose 5 inches last month! Didn't lose any weight but that just means I'm burning fat and making muscle. Glad to hear you are doing good, isn't it nice to see muscles forming and your clothes fitting better?