Saturday, July 21, 2007


I've broke (however weakly) through the 180 mark! And the nice thing is that I've started going to the Weight Watchers Meetings. The big thing I learned this morning was:

You have to eat all of your points to lose weight. The teacher (Elysabeth? Elyzabeth? She had an interesting spelling to her name that my brain didn't catch) said that some people would approach the scale and say something about eating fewer points than allotted and would be surprised that they either gained or stayed the same. You need to eat to satisfy your body or it slips quite easily into starvation-survival mode. How interesting! Dad also mentioned something (he's a Zone Diet nut) about how you need to feed your body to provide proper energy for metabolism. Definitely something to think about.

The weight I got at the Meeting was 180.4 or something like that but that was with work-out clothes (t-shirt, yoga pants, socks & bra) atop my underwear (I take my weight in the bathroom in nothing but my underwear since that seems more accurate). Still, not a bad weight.

My 10% goal is 162. I wondered how they reached that until I realized that it's 10% of your current body weight, not 10% of the weight you intend to lose.

The goal for exercise is to do up to 28 points a week. 28/7 = 4. If I walk on that treadmill twice a day, if I treadmill and weight-lift, if I treadmill and walk the dog twice...each scenario is 4 points. That isn't hard to do at all! It's being consistent that is the trick. I need to work on that.

So, this week, I'm going to work up to 28 points of exercise.

I will also eat all 24 of my points, which requires a lot more faithful point-watching. But that's possible, too.

It's all possible.


Jen said...

My biggest problem when I was on weight watchers was the wheat. I was in lots of pain and gained weight. My food allergies put my body into non-absorbsion so I find myself constantly in starvation mode. I wish I knew less about food and nutrition. Congrats, you've been definitely working hard!

Faren said...

That's great! I'm getting pretty close to my first goal too. Yeah, have to avoid that starvation mode, it can bite you in the butt!

Pearson Family said...

Keep up the great work, Kirstin. I'm excited for you and proud of you for your dedication.