Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, they did say that you have to eat your exercise points, too, which I did. But I think I went a little nuts with the food last Saturday and Sunday and that didn't help things much. ;) Still, a pound is a victory!

Week after next, things may be a little harder since I'll be in Utah. I'll try to exercise but the whole schedule is hectic since I'll be juggling family, friends, and clinicals preparation. And family and friends always tends to equal food and those long car trips always play havoc with my consumption. Maybe I'll have to plan on healthy alternatives. Like Wendy's salads, McDonald's fruit & walnut salad (mmm) and so on.

Anyone have some good ideas for traveling, things that might help? It'll be an 18 hour car trip, I'll take what help I can get! :D


Jen said...

Bring your own healthy alternatives! Paul found some article recently which detailed a study about how *healthy* fast food options were just as bad and sometime worse then getting a regular combo. Some places, getting a junior burger and fries was a better option.

Quick google crime fighting action..

This was not the same article because his seemed to dive a little deeper into it all.

Sometimes having something as simple as sunflower seeds or almonds and having a handful (1 to 2 ounces) every few hours will curb the need to snack. Seeds and nuts contain lots of good fats, remember too much of a good thing is bad.

Pearson Family said...

Hey, I'll be sure to cook healthy meals and have lots of fruits and veggies around the house. So, don't hesitate to help yourself. My home is your home. So, don't even ask before breaking into my grapes, carrots, apples, watermelon, or nectarines. Help yourself to whatever. And, I have 99% fat free popcorn for movie time. Also, let's plan on hitting the track in the early AM hours. I'd love to walk with you...if I can keep up. You speedwalker you!