Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm down 18 pounds now, which is really exciting. The only problem is that it's Halloween tomorrow. Mom's already bought far more chocolate than we've ever had children come to our door, ever. And my sweet and awesome Visiting Teachers gave me candy and then my VT companion gave me candy and I think I gave myself a stomach ache from just a little too much (though a lot less than I remember getting sick to, I think I've become a bit sensitive to sweets).

Speaking of sensitivity, my appetite is changing. The other night, I was craving grapes like you wouldn't believe. I was surrounded by Halloween candy and all I wanted were grapes. The carrot that I had from the veggie tray (relax, they were going to throw it out anyways) was also very satisfying and had I been presented with a choice between carrots or chocolate, I would have strangely been drawn to the carrots. Mmmm, carrots.

Not that I'll shun a box of Junior Mints if presented to me, yum!


Pearson Family said...

Congrats! I'm so proud of you and know it's tough. Keep up the great work!