Tuesday, October 02, 2007

177.2 at WW.

Of course, before I went in, I weighed myself and was 176.6. Still, I had gained somewhat. But after walking around all day at the Ren Fest and being really careful, I weighed myself this morning and was delighted to find that I've gone down to...


175 is my goal for this week and I am so very very close! Now if I don't screw it up, everything will be sunshine and roses and I will buy a bag of M&Ms (don't worry, I'll be very careful with them, but I can't continue to deny myself chocolate, it's cruel).

So, my advice this week is to not knock leisurely walking, three hours of it can add up to 14 points and a pound of weight loss! :D And anyone could spend three hours at the mall if they must (though the Ren Fest is better, it has hills, oh heavens does it have hills).