Saturday, January 19, 2008


If only I had taken a really good dump before I'd gone. Oh, I know, that's disgusting. Sorry. Anyways, I figure this being my cycle and all, by next Thursday I'll be down to a better weight. Heck, I'll be down two after working tonight at that salad bar. I walk a lot and don't eat much while I work. I'm kind of driven when I work, I don't think about food or water (until I'm wrapping up the food and putting it away for the next day, then I sneak some grapes and watermelon).

It was a good 5 degrees Fahrenheit when I stepped out to my car this morning to attend my Weight Watchers meeting. Frost stuck to my car like a melted sticker on wood, it was almost impossible to scrape and what I wanted more than anything, other than to curl back up in bed was a nice cup of tea. Herbal tea, of course. There are some marvelous sites for tea but my three favorite are:
-Adagio (I like Rooibos Berry and Rooibos Vanilla, mm.)
-SBS teas (their Tisanes are marvelous)
-Zhena's Gypsy Tea (I like Red Lavender best)

I grew up with Rooibos tea though back then, I knew it as Masai tea (those crazy Dutch and their peculiar naming of things *chortle*). It's naturally caffeine-free, is low in tannins and is known to be rich in various minerals. And it's just plain yummy.

Now to go drink up the brew I made.