Friday, March 21, 2008

I was sick yesterday. Really sick. Ever hear of the term "butt-pee"? I know, really really crude but that's what I had. I was so incredibly ill that I had to call off work and then slept in between dashes to the bathroom. I would have taken a pill or three if I could have found them but Dad had the same thing last weekend and took his pills with him. Guh!

Eventually I talked with mom and she guided me to pills and that's when I turned around. But I hardly ate anything at all other than a glass of ginger ale to give me some energy because I was so weak that standing up caused my vision to cloud with brilliant dark stars. Ooof!

Anyways, I lost 3.4 pounds to the porcelain god. All that liquid, I'll be drinking my two liters and then some today, that's for sure. But I'm feeling better! I woke up all hot and clammy which usually means that my fever has broken. Thank goodness. I'm still shaky but I'll have to hurry up and feel better because I have to work tonight. I'll be sure to tell my boss what I lost, though. Just so he knows I really wasn't faking when I called in yesterday. *sigh*

If only it wasn't mom's birthday today and I had lots planned. Stupid work.