Friday, April 04, 2008

Slacking off

I have been very slacking in tracking my points and that means that I'm stuck. My sick-weight-loss all came back, which is fine by me, honestly. I knew it was all water and as soon as I could drink my 2-liter-a-day quota, it would all come back. But I guess I'm still somewhat discouraged because I honestly did not bother with points much this week.

In what seems an unrelated series of events, I smashed my iPod in my car (just the top part so the screen is 90% broken but will still flicker a little bit of info if I can find the right part to push, like a tense muscle). And days before that incident, my desktop with all my music and podcasts blue-screened without any hope of return despite what my mother and brother can really do.

So I'm enduring well enough but I had to resubscribe to various podcasts on my laptop (yes, I realize I'm a big spoiled brat, get over it) and realized that Podrunner had something that came out in January (shows how well I pay attention). It's called Podrunner Intervals. It's a program to take people off the couch and on their way to 5k. Each podcast is 20 minutes and goes through a series of speeds and encourages running.

I hate running. I have always hated running but there's something I have learned in my age, sometimes the things you hate can become things you like, perhaps even run. And if other people can do it, so can I. In fact, the one runner I really look up to is my sister. She's had three children and still runs like a gazelle out on the Sahara (that's where one finds them, right?). If she can do it, so can I. Perhaps as I lose weight, I can also lose this asthma that I have found to have. It's just a touch, not anything that needs medicating. It came out during Tae Kwon Do and it was hard to breathe when I had to run, but I knew how to power through it and I knew when to stop just a bit to keep going.

The weather is improving, let's go!