Thursday, November 20, 2008

It is blustery near my new home. Oh yes. But I love it. I can see the windmills from here and I've begun walking again. Daisy comes and we go 1.4 miles twice a day. I'm still not running yet because when you've left off something like that for so long, you feel it. Besides, I am all kinds of sore from all the moving. Living in a basement will give you a workout! As will putting IKEA bookshelves together, surprisingly enough. Along with a few slivers.

And I haven't been journaling my WW either. *sigh* I know, I'm bad. Okay, I'm over it now. I'll start doing better from now on but I've gotta say, upheaval can throw you off in the worst way.

But the best way to do it is to realize that yeah, you'll gain some weight and yeah, that sucks but seriously, I've lost 34 pounds already and though I've gained some back, I can still lose it. Losing weight has gained me that perspective, it's amazing. It's POSSIBLE. It's a matter of hard work and perseverance and CONSTANT VIGILANCE but it's still possible.

Now to get back up on the wagon. Y'all are with me, right? I need a little support! And Thanksgiving right around the corner, oy.


carla said...

constant vigilance yes but not in t a bad or stressful way.

for me it was/is all about creating a vision board and a fitness mission statement.
so I almost let the constant WATCHING GO because Ive created an entire backdrop to which I lead my life...

(does that make sense? let me know...)


Roni said...

That's exactly how I feel! Once you do it you realize that there isn't some invisible force preventing you from achieving your goal. Your eyes are opened to the fact that is you work for it you will achieve it.

It's a confidence thing, I think.

And TOTALLY Ikea furniture is workout! I know it well! ;~P