Thursday, June 10, 2010

I changed my weigh in day for Saturday mornings. It's easier that way and I feel like I don't have to starve myself all day on Tuesday for an evening meeting, especially when I have knit nights every other Tuesday that I would rather not miss.

I have been buckling down on tracking and exercise. Every MWF is my 3 mile walk day. I will usually have my phone with me hooked into Pandora and listen to that while I walk along. It's beautiful but it has also been getting warmer and I can't wear my jacket which means the phone has to go in the only pocket available, the bra. It makes it just a little damp and I worry about damage to the phone but so far so good, the phone has survived the cleavage carry. I love the walk, it's so pretty, I live in gorgeous country.

On TRSs, I do Jillian's 30 day shred. It's a tough one and I still work on mastering the advanced levels and I'm doing better at pushups from the toes rather than the knees but still I struggle a good bit. And sweat! I'm thinking when i'm older, I'll be like my mom and sweat like I'd just taken a shower while putting on makeup! Ugh, I hope not.

But all in all, I feel fantastic. I have firmer thighs, tentatively bulging deltoids and I have energy every morning!

Check out my muscular arms! Pyow! Pyow!
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