Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I went out to Mimi's Cafe with my aunt for lunch and we got to talking about dieting habits that worked for us. I'm sure that it wasn't the best topic when we were intending to semi-blow the diet for lunch (I still managed to stay on point a little) but conversations are free range and tend to go anywhere.

Aunt Lea mentioned that the only time she really lost weight was when she began cutting out refined sugars. I thought about it and have been thinking about it since. It's a big sore spot, this sweet tooth of mine. I always have a desire for more and more sweets when I don't really need them. So if I can just cut down until I can cut it out entirely, that may really lend itself to more effective weight loss.

So now I am on Sugar Probation. I will allow myself 3 points of refined sugar a day this week instead of splurging and try to find healthy alternatives to sate my crazy sweet tooth.