Monday, September 24, 2007

Good girl

I was reading an entry in October's Real Simple about praise. And I realized, I've not praised myself for my work. I've lost FIFTEEN POUNDS. That's AMAZING! That's been hard. That's been a lot of anime on the treadmill, a lot of chocolate I didn't eat, a lot of blisters that have come and gone.

And all I can think of is the next pound? When do I stop for a moment in this trek and look around, take a deep breath and go "Wow. This is an amazing place. I'm doing good"? No, I need a pause, a smile, a pat on my back and realize "Good girl, Kit. Good job".


Pearson Family said...

Way to go! You rock! And, I hope you feel good and are loving life. That's way way important!!!

Faren said...

Way to go Kit! You are doing so good and you do need to reward yourself for it!