Sunday, August 17, 2008

I did really well again this week. I am going on Week 3 of ignoring the urge to weigh myself every single morning and night. I did take a little peek on Wednesday and was so thrilled that I think I did a bit of damage, justifying a little overeating. Oops! But it was another 1.6 pounds and that was awesome! Another 1.6 pounds and I'm right at the very middle of my weightloss journey. How far I've come! I'm very excited.

However, this weekend has not been so great. I've wasted my points on garbage and have nothing to eat when I'm actually hungry! I'm thinking I would love to do Core, but it's not the right time, nor do I have the money for it.

Anyways, this week I'm going to ignore the urge to scale watch again. I'm going to also make it a point to eat a yogurt before I run and I want to make it a point to know the Point amount of all the food I eat BEFORE I eat it. Fewer surprises mean better weight management.

That's all, signing off now. :)