Tuesday, April 13, 2010

160.8 New week

I have to admit that today was kind of a toss-away day. Once mom and I got home, we went to town with Sandies, spaghetti, and PB M&Ms. But at least we both had good news. Despite gaining 5 pounds of cast, mom only gained 2 pounds according to the WW scale so she lost 3. And obvious, I lost 2 pounds myself. I am quite proud of myself.

This week I plan on continuing to journal. :) Online or on the paper, it's good to have it around. I am going to try something new, as well. I am going to plan what I will eat and do my very best to stick to it.

I hope this works out, it would be nice if it did. :)

I should also stop watching Food Network at night. *coff*