Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mom and I joined Weight Watchers again. It's costly at $40 a month but it was so effective the last time I did it, more effective than anything I've used before that I figure I might as well get back on the wagon.

My ideal is to lose 2 pounds a week consistently. I doubt that will happen but I can always give it my best shot. :)

So, I started out at the 6pm meeting at 162.8 pounds. This is about 2 pounds heavier than I was this morning but since it was 6pm and I was wearing my street clothes and I...*ahem* bulked up a little (I was starving!), I am perfectly fine with this.

The meeting was certainly different from the one in Lawrence. There were a few things that bugged me a little:

1 - It does not take 4 laps around a track to burn off ONE Peanut M&M. 5 PB M&Ms (my favorite!) is one point. 15 minutes of walking is one point. To burn off one Peanut M&M you probably need to walk up the stairs of your home or apartment. But I know the point she was trying to make. Junk food does take up a lot of calories or points and when you know how much effort you expend in exercise, you are motivated to be more conservative with what you eat.

2 - Yes. You CAN lose weight without having to exercise. It's not a sin to avoid exercise and lose weight without bothering to take a single step outside. But realize that muscle burns calories even while at rest and a lot more while moving than fat which burns nothing at all. But I've seen plenty of thin girls. No fat and very little muscle, but thin as a rail. It's not impossible. HOWEVER! It will be harder to keep that weight off because you have nothing but your diet to fall back on if you gain.

That was a few of the things that came up. But while at the meeting, I also realized that I have slipped a lot and it's so vital that I actually journal my food. I have to be on top of my food. I can eat whatever but I have GOT to keep track. And being accountable will help me keep in control.