Sunday, September 17, 2006

Current Weight: 186.4

Boo! Suck! But that's because I have NOT been recording my intake properly and not been utilizing my Weight Watchers. This causes much snacking on no-bake cookies when they're 2 points each. Yeah, little guys but they're real bombs in calories and fat. I blame the peanut butter.

So, these are my goals this week:
1. Record ALL intake, keep track of points, and write them in here.
2. Plan out intake the day before, so I can guesstimate how much I'll be eating and have a plan of what to eat and not end up standing in the kitchen and allowing myself to be tempted badly by all the potential chunk food.
3. I will remain on 20 points a day and swimming daily.

And I hope next Sunday I can proudly proclaim that I've gone down to 184. Yes, almost a 2.5 pound drop. I wanna work for this! Plus, I'm knitting up Rogue again in the 39.5" bust size. I'm about 3 inches from that size, so I'm hoping I knit slowly enough that I've gone down that far by then.

Still planning on being 178 by October 8. I may almost make it if I can drop 2 pounds a week. I'm determined!

P.S. I look hawt with curly hair. Why have I denied my natural curls for so long? I hardly knew I had them! Woes!