Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, I'm back from a very hectic, very uncontrolled-eating type week in Utah. I didn't walk, I didn't write down my intake, and I ate out almost every single night. And I came home dreading that scale. I'm no fan of it anyways, but it's always hard when you get back from a trip and realize that you've been very bad and that you'll have to get right back up on that horse. Nnng, not a happy thought.

But this morning, my inbox had a WW article on recovering from vacations. And one of the bits of advice was to: "Go straight back to weighing in, say our Community Users – even go to a meeting earlier in the week than normal to get right back in the groove." Good advice, I took it.

I gained a little over a pound, I suppose. But that's not bad, honestly. It's not the 185 I was dreading to see looking back at me. Phew! I can be quite the pessimist, I guess. But I should mention that though I visited McDonalds more in one week than I had in probably three years (I hate McD's but at least they have those snack wraps and I would get the grilled honey-mustard and one was enough to satisfy the hunger a bit, and their fruit & walnut salad was fine as another meal), I had an amazing time with my friends and my family and being with them was much more important than fussing constantly over what I was eating.

So hey, I'm back and I'm up on the horse again!