Thursday, February 21, 2008

I haven't updated much, haven't really considered reporting my intake because it's kind of embarrassing but then I read Roni's Weight Watchen Question of the Week and I had to ask myself that question.

You know, I've gone through my life wearing all different shapes, mostly pear-ish ones. I've been super thin and I've been obese but there are a few things I have always loved.

1. I love my hair. Always have. From back when it was thick and coarse and wild and I used to put a chemical stripper in it because the meds just built up in it like crazy to now where it's thin, silky, prone to curl, and kept on the shortish side of medium length because I no longer can stand it down to my hips. I have dyed it a few times but ever since my scalp exploded in a massive bad reaction, I've kept it undyed. In the winter it goes kind of honey-dark and in the summer, it's kind of a dirty blond.

2. My feet. I find them to be the one feature that doesn't change whether I'm obese or thin. And they're sweet and small and have kind of cute freckles (or moles) on the right foot, lateral side.

3. My eyes, which are a grey-blue when I don't put my contacts in. They're a little more blue with the contacts because the contacts are tinted in case I drop them (and I have). They show up well enough on white tile. They're also large. I have the wild eyes of my father's side of the family, those huge expressive eyes that could possibly look mad if I really tried.

That's it for now. The rest of me I'm getting along with so far.