Saturday, February 02, 2008


And I bounce back up again. This is really kind of frustrating and I don't need frustrating right now. I'm studying for clinicals, it would be nice if things would go well. Rrrgh.

Maybe I'll take a page from Roni's book and start publicly posting my weight intake (space cadet). It will make me a little more honest and a little more careful. I seem to be relying too much on the fact that I'm too busy to eat at work to keep my weight down. When I don't work, I pig out. It's not good, I need to learn to say 'no' to the pushers and make better choices. Shame on me. I know better.

And I'll do better this week, too.




What's Left of 24


1 Slice Homemade Bread

1 tbs Hagelslag

1 point

2.5 points

20.5 points


1 Slice Homemade Bread

2 tbs Liver Pate

100-calorie Nabisco cookies

1 point

3.5 points

2 points

14 points


General nibbling at work

3 points

11 points



2.5 points

8.5 points


Pearson Family said...

Hang in there, girly! I have the same problem resisting bad food. I don't ever want good food. I just want junk and lots of food. Hang in there with everything. And, I'm completely confident in you and what you know for the clinicals. You're going to rock it!

Roni said...

I'd journal for a week or two just to analyze your habits. You may uncover something.